CONA Solar
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Our patented innovative products help customers all over the world to dry their crops since 1987.

Our products provide drying solutions for more than 200 different products. Browse through our product portfolio or contact us for more information.

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35 years of experience in the field of solar technology.


Our solar drying plants allow drying for more than 200 different products.


Customers from more than 50 different countries use our innovative drying technology.

CONA Solar

Founded in 1987, CONA innovated the solar drying technology, which is used in many different countries to dry more than 200 different products, for example wood, coffee, fruits, medicinal herbs, biomass.

In the past CONA was honoured with several awards like the EURO-SOLAR award, the SOLIDARITÄTSPREIS and the EDUARD-PLOIER-AWARD.

Our products

Our product portfolio offers a wide array of drying plants for every use.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us – we are planning your individual solution specifically for your needs.

Hay drying

hay drying

Fire wood drying

Wood chips drying

Wood chip drying

Herb drying​

Fruit drying

Coffee & cocoa drying​

Grain drying

wheat grain drying

Multi use drying