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Herb Drying

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For drying medicinal herbs, teas and other herbs CONA offers special solar driers. All driers are designed to assure that the herbs can be processed in a hygienic way. The airstream in the drying-chambers is horizontal and gets distributed evenly.

The herbs are not directly exposed to sun to protect color, taste, aroma and ingredients. The drying process in the dark drying-chambers preserves the essential oils in the herbs in contrast to the drying process in direct solar radiation!

The bottom of the drying-chambers is covered with stainless steel and the sieves are made of stainless steel too. For that reason a hygienic production for food industry is possible.

Ventilators insert air and distribute it evenly. The driers protect the herbs from insects and dust with air filters, insect lattices and much more.

CONA offers different sizes of herb driers (see models).

Today more than 1 million people can be supplied with medicinal herbs dried with CONA solar driers.

Advantages of drying herbs with solar

Preserving without additives, sugar or chemistry:

Drying herbs with effective solar technology, in light-protected drying-chambers, with sieves made of stainless steel, air filters and insect lattice makes it possible to dry products without additives, sugar or chemistry.

Advantages of CONA solar driers:

  • The whole harvest of one season can be preserved for a later point in time.
  • Color, taste, aroma and ingredients are conserved because the product is protected from light in the drying chamber. Drying herbs in dark drying chambers you avoid ecaporating essential oils.
  • Because of the improved horizontal drying process a very even drying result is reached. Within one drying chamber there is no need for redistribution.
  • Without any additives it is possible to get a 100% natural product.
  • The use of high quality materials like glass and stainless steel makes a professional and hygienic production possible. That is important for sale and for getting respective certificates and permission.
  • The investment costs pay off quickly because of low running costs.The whole drying facility is designed for solar operation and therefore a very energy efficient and effective technology is used.

Advantages of solar technology

  • Little energy and running costs after initial investment is done.
  • Use of solar energy strengthen sustainable business.
  • Solar energy is environmentally friendly and does not produce CO2 emissions.
  • Non-renewable energy is saved.
  • Climate gets protected which is of increasing importance.


Semiindustrial solar drying plant SF400 for moringa herb drying in Cuba
In September, 2016 the 5th solar drying of CONA started in Cuba to produce dried moringa leaves. At the institute Finlay moringa is dried in the best quality for moringa tea, moringa powder and moringa capsules.
The solar drying plant for moringa has installed 60 m² solar area on the roof of the house and with it a thermal top achievement of approx. 43 kW.
Inside of the processing building 2 drying lines of the model SF400 were installed.
Every line has 4 high grade steel trolleys on which the moringa leaves can be loaded directly in the processing area. Thus a practical and especially hygienic work is also guaranteed.
We personally explain many other advantages of this arrangement to you with pleasure.

Solar medicinal herb drying in El Salvador:
60m2 of solar collectors and 3 drying chambers SF75 connected in parallel. Here hibiscus get dried and is sold as hibiscus tea.

Solar herbal drying in Wartberg/Krems in Upper Austria

Mr. Baldinger has the model SF25 and dries with it primarily wild herbs. He mixes this on the one hand to a biological soup seasoning and on the other hand he feeds on it his pig to save veterinarian’s costs.

With pleasure you can acquire his products from him and/or contact him for an inspection.

Roland Baldinger

Penzendorf 17

A-4552 Wartberg/Krems

0043 676 8212 51 634

Solar fruit and herb drying in Nicaragua

32m² solar collectors in Nicaragua to dry fruits and medicinal herbs.

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