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wheat grain drying

Grain drying

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Solar grain drying, dryingchamber of 25 tons of grain

The solar grain drying is in combination with the solar biomass drying a very efficient way of Solar and drying.

The kind of the drying is pretty the same like the biomass drying and functions with the same ventilation system. So nearly no extra costs for a second drying system.

For the planed or existing drying chamber for biomass you become an individual limitation wall with 2 push outlets to adapt the drying.

This you can put up with very little expenditure, in the time of the grain drying you build it up. And when dryingtime is over you dismantle it also very simply.

Therefore one can put up the grain drying in the time where this is required and after ending of the grain drying again remove and use the remaining time of the year for the dry of the biomass.

100 m² solar surface dry approx. 1800m³ biomass and 40 tonnes of grain in the year.
100 m² solar surface dry approx. 1800m³ biomass and 40 tonnes of grain in the year.

Little pressure must be built up by the whole-flat ventilation of the grain and very sparing ventilating fans, with low power consumption can be used.

Hence, the drying is very reasonable.

In a drying box where, otherwise, 100 m³ biomass can be dried, can be filled between 40 – 50 tonnes of grain and be dried.

According to beginning dampness and sunshine the grain stays 2-8 days in the drying box.

The solar achievement should be dimensioned a little more generously than ordinarily for a pure biomass drying. Because by the grain drying in shorter time, more achievement is required.

The easy use with the filling of the drying and emptying the drying chamber is important to us.

This works very well with quite normal punch snails. These often already exist and must not be specially purchased.

By the conformist angle of the solar grain drying the grain trickles by itself by the slip case. Only few shovels stop in the corners, this can be done with little expenditure. This expenditure can be compared with unloading the rest of a tipper.


Solar drying of biomass and grain in Wolfsegg

Family Mittermayr has 120 m² solar area of solar air collectors. By this size he can dry approx. 2200 m³ biomass and 40 tonnes of grain per year.

In July he had his grain only very briefly in the drying box, because it had dried by the nice weather very quickly. He could pour therefore very soon again and dry biomass.

They are very glad that they have the drying of their grain now in own hands.

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Table of Contents

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