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Coffee- and Cocoa drying

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For coffee, cocoa, rice, maize, beans and other cereals Cona has developed special dryers in different dimensions.

With the solar drying arrangement for cereal the following advantages can be achieved:

  • To preserve the quality of the corn
  • To save worker
  • To receive the typical qualities of the corn
  • To receive a product without soiling
  • To protect the harvest

The qualitative drying and preservation of this valuable food and luxuries is very important, because often a little of it already is a whole family income. With higher valued product quality higher market values can be achieved.

Worldwide the new model SG500 can be offered currently for the solar coffee drying, cocoa drying, rice drying and many other corn.

This model has a filling volume of 500 litres.

According to solar hours and after moisture of the drying good the corn is dried in 2 to 4 days.

Big aerial amounts are warmed up by the dryer and are sent through the drying property.

The easy service of the dryer was the uppermost priority by the development.

Thus the dryer can simply become filled from above. The coffee, the cocoa or the other beans is evenly ventilated by the sloping, especially developed ventilation ground to guarantee a steady drying.

With quite wet material, how coffee or cocoa we recommend once per day to empty the whole drying property and to load it again on top. This leads to a very steady drying result.

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Table of Contents

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